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History of the World part 1

Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:12 pm by Tyr BalderSon

America, the tyrannical oppressors of the Canadians, is trying to take over the World. Nobody realized that Canada was even in trouble before they had been encased into the North Americas. The next step in their plan for world domination was to take over South America. Problem is people took notice, especially the English.

England the faithful watch dogs, failed to see America for who they were, failed to see that they had taken over Canada. They finally took notice when the Mexican border police took a stand and forced America to use bigger munitions, which English SAS radar picked up. By the time they detected all of this the Americans were on their way to Brazil. The Americans had expanded amassed a vast arsenal and a new slave army to use, the English were no match. England had to take a stand! So they decided to fight fire with fire, and took over all of Europe. Unfortunately they also took land from the Vikings.

Vikings, fierce, unruly masters of pillaging and destruction are mad. The English have taken their land, stole their home away from them. The Vikings have a disliking of many; they don't care who they attack, who they steal from, or how they do it. But they have the own perceived sense of honor, so they took major offense at the English for taking their lands while the warriors were out running rampant. The English may not even have realized what they had done, but the Vikings were definitely going to show them the error of their ways.

Australia, a haven of peace and prosperity in this war riddled world. Taking in refugees from the war even some Canadians and giving them a home and shelter from the conflict outside.  Australia has a strict policy about what they let go on inside their borders. There will be no violence or mention of violence, especially about the surrounding strife. Violators of these policies are quickly expelled from the country.


Welcome to the World of Constant Strife.

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Races of the World

Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:34 pm by Shikyo

Extremely adapt at war and technology the Americans were able to easily take over their neighbors to the north and south. Americans can hack into just about any system that runs on electricity. They're also able to easily rewired any electronics as well. Americans have taken it upon themselves to become the police dogs of the world only, now they've gone off the deep end believing that the best way to police the world is to control it. Thus, the Americans have set out on a campaign to take over the planet.

Knights Templar, Champions of Justice. These Knights are held up by a code of conduct and wield many weapons and wear plate armor, dawning their holy symbol, the cross. They also carry with them into battle an arsenal of holy spells, ready to smite the evil and the wicked. Having pushed the Nords from their homes as they did in years past, they constantly keep an eye out for the vikings, ever vengeful.

The vikings are a strong and proud people. After centuries of ravaging and pillaging they have come into several artifacts that grant them great power. Vikings are completely unwilling to work with the English and reluctantly work with the other races, for a price of course.

The Africans are the least developed of the races. However, that does not mean they are the most useless. Africans call upon their primal instinct and strength allowing them to rend trough a Templar's armor or crush the barrel of an American's weapon. African's are generally barbarous, immediately attacking anyone they don't know.

The Australians are the only true neutral race in the world. They do not care if you're black, white, purple, green, or blue. The only thing they ask is that you keep the war away from them. They can be very hostile when talk of the war begins to emerge around them, otherwise they're the nicest group of nomads you'll ever meet. Australians call upon spirits to aid them in battle and use totems to augment their own natural prowess.

This race is currently unavailable.

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